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Web & Mobile App Development

Client: ComplyRx

Industry: Healthcare & Communications


ComplyRx developed a messaging tool to allow its corporate clients to deliver messages to thousands of employees’ smartphones with one click. It needed a team of developers it could trust to provide ongoing support and maintenance and design new enhancements to the platform.


Vinformatix took on the project and analyzed the architecture of the platform. The team reviewed the code base and structure to identify how the system was built and the designs the original team had used.


The transition to Vinformatix was very smooth. Our team quickly cleared the backlog of issues and began adding new features. As ComplyRx identified new desires and needs, the Vinformatix team made recommendations and improvements to the code. Vinformatix asked questions and made updates to ensure ComplyRx clients were getting the best possible user experience from both the Apple and Android mobile applications.


  • Drupal
  • Xcode
  • Eclipse
  • Objective C, Java, PHP
  • MySQL

Web Admin Home Page
Admin Analytics Page
Mobile Application Screens